Shades of Forest – Forest DIY Kit Special Edition


The pandemic has tied our bonds together – provoking us to cherish times spent with each other and send meaningful gift to each other during festive seasons. Family and friends can enjoy the planting and celebrate the festival together. Hopefully it brings you peace, tranquillity and a deeper appreciation for our nature and stay safe.

Shades of Forest special edition is a designed handmade cloth bag. The aim for creating this recyclable bag is to encourage everyone to reduce wastage, reuse and relieve the burden on our fragile forests and nature.

The Egg forest diy kit includes – tools (Egg glass container, spoon and tweezer, water spray, planting box (fern & deco plants), deco stone, pebbles, planting media, Knot Bag, digital guide book & video (design progress).

*Two sizes are available for the latest Egg forest DIY kit which is designed for family made as well 🙂🌿.

  • Large Egg forest ( 150mm x 125mm )
  • Small Egg forest ( 110mm x 95mm )

P/s Please place the planting box under indoor with natural light if you are not planning to start planting yet 😊and pls plant it within 7 -14 days .

PM us for further enquiry or purchase order through our online store website . Thank you 🙂🌿

《 森林盒子之森影限量版 》🌿





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