Moon Forest (Workshop)


See the forest, see the future

Combining with technology, enhancing the senses, towards the home living accessory of the future.

Moonforest + Water Mister + Humidifier

The new Moon forest is designed with an integrated auto-irrigating water mister and humidifier as enhancement of the original forest concept. The auto-irrigation will discharge water mist at specified intervals to provide your plants with the nourishment needed. The humidifier will at different intervals let out whiffs of fragrance to sooth your mood and soul, calming you from the daily hustle – you can see and smell the forest at the same time.

The interaction of technology with the Moon forest is done with sensitivity to maintain the minimalist design while giving more stimulus to the human senses of sight, smell and touch through its unique forest aesthetics. It is the home lifestyle accessory for the present, and the future.

Bring home the forest, let the Moon forest enhance your daily lives. See the forest, and see the future of home living.

S size: 10 Inch Globe + Lamp + Stand+ Wooden base

M size: 12 Inch Globe + Lamp + Stand+ Wooden base

L size: 16 Inch Globe + Lamp + Wooden base

Auto irrigation system + Air Diffuser – Add RM400

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