Forest Recipe III (Workshop)


A plant workshop gallery & forest canteen by the the sea.

Forest workshop with lunch package series 03

Starting from November, we will launch a new series of forest workshop + comfort set lunch / tea time package

Participants will be able to have fun creating their own forest-themed terrarium and enjoying a hearty meal or desserts with friends , family and loved ones. The food and drinks are prepared with the same great care and detail to ensure you have a wonderful experience at the workshop.

The workshop needs to be booked in advance for our preparation for it to be conducted with safe distancing measures. Reservations can be made by contacting Moonshop directly or through purchasing a workshop voucher that will be valid for 3 months from the date of purchase.

Please PM or email us if you are interested to experience the workshop with us 🌿😊

*Moon forest workshop is available by walk in ( three days in advance booking )
* water spray bottle will be included for all workshop package





*森堂III共有四个时段,分别是11am / 2pm / 3pm / 4pm,可以透过网站或信息我们预订。谢谢🌿😊

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