Forest furniture workshop tournament – Moss Table II


Forest furniture workshop tour

To promote the forest furniture, we are organising a workshop tour across Malaysia from October. It will be held in 4 locations – Penang, Kuala Lumpur, Johor and Malacca. Through our workshops, participants will be be able experience the joy of planting and pick up valuable advice on design and maintenance. Feel the plants as you select and plant it and establish a personal connection to nature.
Depending on your liking, you choose between wood and glass as the material of your table, and create a personalised unique piece of furniture. Bring home the forest and enjoy your days with nature.

Each workshop will run for 2 hours and all panting material and tools will be provided. You will be able to bring hone you creations together will gifts of irrigation bottle and scissors.

With its clean, modern design showcasing the beauty of nature, this blend of furniture and nature will enhance your future living and lifestyle.

The locations of the workshop tour are:
– Penang
– Kuala Lumpur
– Johor
– Malacca

The workshop is currently open for registration, please indicate your choice of material and contact details:
1) Choice of material ( wood/ glass)
2) Name and contact number
3) Number of participants

We will contact you within 3 days upon receiving your registration. Thank you

森台II 家具巡回工作坊





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