Forest Hill


《 森林盒子_森之丘》


《 Forest Box_Forest hill 》

Valentine’s Day special

A gift from the forest, a companion through the years.

Moon Shop will be introducing the first Forest in a Bottle DIY kit for coming Valentine’s day. The kit will consist of the planting material, tools and bottle for you to bring home to create your own unique miniature forest — a gift of tranquility for your heart and soul.

A special gift from forest to someone you loved and build a little forest together


在情人节和元宵节将至,月森特别推出《森林盒子》之 森之丘。

为了提倡森林美学融入生活,月森将推出首个情侣DIY 手作 瓶子森林盒子。森林盒子里将会提供植物,工具与瓶子并凝造一个全新的平台让您亲手打造属于自己的小森林。让你/妳 另一伴可以收到一份来自森林的礼物。一起制作属于你们的小森林。

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