Forest Box ll – Misty Forest


RM 158

Forest Box ll – Misty Forest

Rainforests are full of life and natural wonders.

Tropical rainforests modulate our atmosphere, prevent soil erosion, clean the air and are essential for the proper functioning of earth’s biosphere and natural cycles. They are natural reserves of biodiversity and fundamental for maintaining ecological balance and equilibrium. Moonshop Gallery is incorporating the endangered animals of Malaysia’s rainforests in our latest design to raise awareness for forest conservation.

To promote better understanding of tropical rainforests, buyers will be guided on the design of the Forest bottles and plant selection to familiarise themselves with the characteristics of different plant species and learn about the unique vegetation found in Malaysia’s rainforests.

The Forest bottles comes with a specially designed translucent box as packaging. Water the plants before placing inside the translucent box and observe. As sunlight passes through, photosynthesis takes place and the plants release water vapour into the air, which in turn become water droplets that irrigate the plants again, reminiscent of the great rainforests in nature engulfed by mist and atmosphere.

《森林盒子II - 雾之森》