Moonshop gallery would like to continue workshop in pairs as the appreciation of all of those warm support. Apart from the original workshop options, Moonshop also incorporates forest habitat series in the next coming workshops. The package includes two drinks or one dessert from Forest Canteen which will make a better choice for gathering.

Countless lives were reared in the forest of Malaysia.In addition of regulating the climate and purifying the air, the tropical rainforest also maintaining the biogeochemistry of the ecosystem in an orderly manner. This shows that the rainforest is closely related to our daily life. Moonshop hopes those who joined the workshop can have a better understanding on the structure and importance of rainforest, and hence inspire everyone to protect nature.

Therefore, Moonshop will donate part of the income from the workshop to relevant units as part of the nature protecting fund.

The animal miniature in not only aimed to remind the consciousness of caring for animals, but also can be used as bookmarks at the same time to reinforce the importance of recycling.

Bring the forest home and preserve the primitive.

*Workshop will be carried out based on reservation only in consideration of everyone’s safety.
*The first 50 pairs of applicants will receive a free animal miniature.






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