Moonshop Gallery is a plant design laboratory specialized in tropical ornamental plants forest.

The team collect the abundance jungle species in the region and incorporated into art which shows an elegant combination of botany and aesthetics that enlighten the living environment.

With their signature products, Forest in a bottle and Moon Forest bring us to explore the natural circulation of the rainforest ecosystem.

As a design laboratory, they not only focusing on experimenting the possibilities of arts and botany, but also conduct their research into an education workshop to share their knowledge to the public.


Moon Forest

Moon Forest is a light up terrrarium which an idea of combination between art and science to promote our beautiful tropical forest that made out of a miniature of stone, compost soil, leca clay and form a mini forest eco system inside.

And it will glow like a moon light when you turn on the light. The Moon Forest should be placed in a cool and bright space, avoiding direct sunlight.

Switch on the light for 8-10 hours everyday, and remove the lamp cover at least once every week to circulate the air inside the globe.

Water twice weekly using a spray bottle until the soil mixture is dark with moisture and the pebbles are damp. Watering should be spread out at every 3-4 days intervals.

Forest In The Bottle

Forest In A Bottle” is a terrarium made out of a mixture of stone, compost soil, leca clay & plants to form a little forest.

There is an art and science to creating this mini eco-system. Place in indoor bright area , avoid direct sunlight.

Water plants every 3 months with water spray.

If soil appears dry with very few droplets forming on bottle surface, open it and water lightly.

Forest Frame

Own a part of the forest with the beautiful handcrafted Forest Frame..

Pafcal is a special soilless sponge-like material derived mainly from organic plant material, and held together by a thin layer of polyurethane binder (the same stuff on kitchen chopping-boards).

It provides a perfect balance of water and oxygen to the plant roots, something which soil struggles with when left alone in an indoor setting. Plant roots require good access to oxygen, especially in sheltered low-light areas, in order to keep the plant healthy.

Forest Furniture

Bring the forest home and enjoy your days with nature.

Embracing the concept of 1+1, the forest side is a combination of furniture and nature that is designed to enhance your future living and lifestyle.

With its clean, modern lines, the understated beauty of nature is showcased in quiet harmony with fine crafted details. Eschewing frills and distractions, this is the embodiment of the forest furniture series.

Besides just a side table for coffee and tea, it is also a feature piece to create the perfect corner for peace and relaxation in your homes. The forest side can be customized to suit individual preferences so that everyone can have a unique piece of nature and a companion for your peaceful moments


Forest Education Workshop

Sowing seeds for the love of nature

With the aim of raising public awareness towards the beauty of tropical rainforest, Moonshop Gallery set ups the Forest Education Workshops (Moon Forest, Forest In A Bottle and Forest Frame).

Throughout the workshops, participants get to experience the creating of miniature rainforest in a bottle and a newly introduced light-up terrarium system.

The participants could learn more about rainforest ecosystem and explore the beauty of nature.

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